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Professional Duct Cleaning Company has many large commercial clients, including manufacturing plants, aerospace companies, office buildings and hospitals. We clean restaurant grease exhaust and dryer vents, as well as scouring out dirty heating and air conditioning vents.

One of our main clients is the LA Unified School District; they use Professional Duct Cleaning Company because the school district has very tough inspectors and requires the highest quality duct cleaning work.

We are often called in when there are allergy or dust problems in a commercial building; basically whenever indoor air quality is poor. We make sure all vents are cleaned completely and thoroughly. We have five separate crews that can converge on one large job to finish it quickly and thoroughly.

Our technicians take apart the vents, clean the fans and registers, and everything else that can be accessed. Ducts sometimes make turns that make it very difficult to clean them. We use many types of duct brushes and we have special tools for accessing the inside of vents that would be inaccessible to other companies. We have a reputation for doing impossible jobs that are too tough for those "other guys" to do.

Commercial/industrial cleaning
Commercial/Industrial Cleaning

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For smaller jobs, normally we hook up a very large vacuum (12 inches in diameter) to a main duct out, then seal off all vents except one. All the suction goes in through one vent. Then we tape off vents and use a spinning brush on a cable (called a duct auger) inside the vent to clean it thoroughly. Our truck-mounted vacuums create tremendous suction. The spinning brush inside the vent cleans off all the dust while the vacuum sucks it out of the vents, out of the building and into our vans.

In other circumstances, commercial ductwork is more complex and other techniques are used. Sometimes hand vacuuming of the ductwork is needed. If necessary, we have special tools driven by a compressor, such as air whips to go in the ductwork and knock loose all the dirt. One such tool is a skipper ball — a ball on the end of an air hose. The ball has holes in it, and it goes down the duct like a jet, then it is pulled back and all the dirt is blown back to the hi-powered vacuum. Such tools enable us to clean previously inaccessible areas, which may never have been cleaned since the vent was installed. We are very good at going around corners! Duct augers and skipper balls can be used inside plastic-lined flexible ductwork, and will clean it without damaging it. In some cases, we even cut holes in ductwork and send in a man to clean it with a hand vacuum (on commercial jobs this is very common). It takes time and the right equipment to clean vents thoroughly and completely from the inside; in other words to do it right.

Inside ductwork there is sometimes fiberglass insulation. We use a special coating that seals it off and keeps it from blowing out of the vents.

Of course we let our customers know any time we find any mold in the ductwork. If there's mold, there's a reason. We let you know and we can handle it for you if found. Just cleaning mold off of the vents does not get rid of it. If there's any evidence of any mold in the plastic or metal ductwork, an EPA registered sanitizer should be applied. (The sanitizer used is the only one allowed by the EPA for such use, and is approved for indoor use.)

If your ductwork needs a fan repaired or replaced, we will let you know. We can do the fan repair or replacement work for you, if needed.

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We meet the training requirements of and are certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). All our technicians receive extensive, practical on-the-job training and operate under experienced foremen. The stress when we train our staff is on getting the ducts completely clean, and keeping the customers happy.

Our technicians are trained in all types of air duct cleaning tools. They know what the end product is and how to think their way through all problems to the completion of the project. Sometimes they will invent a tool to clean a tough spot that's not reachable any other way. They are trained at troubleshooting and solving "unsolvable" problems.

Professional Duct Cleaning Company always does a good job, and we always stand behind our work.

Call us for an on-site inspection and an exact estimate. Commercial pricing varies widely, so an on-site evaluation is always needed before we can give a price. Of course we are licensed and bonded contractors, California License #984738. The Dunn & Bradstreet number for Professional Duct Cleaning Co. is 01-579-0428.

before - unretouched photo
Before Vent Cleaning with
Octopus whip w/negative air pressure

(Actual "Before" Job Photo, not retouched)

after - unretouched photo
After Vent Cleaning with
Octopus whip w/negative air pressure

(Actual "After" Job Photo, not retouched)

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